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My name is Paloma (which means dove in Spanish) and I live in the wonderful city of Knoxville, Tennessee. I originally went to school with the intent of becoming a math teacher before entering the world of design. That may seem like a big jump for some, but the professions are pretty similar when you break them down. The fundamental tasks of both teaching and graphic design come down to solving problems, constantly learning new things and communicating effectively with others.

I have a passion for all things design and aim to make things that are both beautiful and functional. My work ethic in achieving creative solutions is shaped by research, experimentation, and collaboration.

I have four years of freelance photography experience and two years of management/marketing experience. I graduated from Pellissippi State with both Graphic Communications and Web Technology degrees and have a web authoring certification. I am currently working full time as a web and graphic designer at my company, Amor Paloma Designs, LLC.

I'd love to talk to you! Send me an email by clicking the contact form below or follow me on any of my social outlets.