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I taught a workshop, hooray!


I really don't love talking in front a lot of people.

In middle and high school, I was in just about every club and once gave speeches all of the time - sometimes competing in prepared presentation or extemporaneous presentations. Once I even gave a speech in front of thousands of people at a National Technology Student Association conference. Back then I was talking to dozens of people every day though, so my craft was well-practiced.

I am not terrible at public speaking if I prepare myself, but I think my hesitation has something to do with the fact that I talk to maybe three people a day during the week now. Working from home is a wonderful thing, but some days I don't talk to anyone at all which can make talking in public like a new experience!

Working on my speaking habits and getting out to experience new things with new people is one of my goals for this year and I began by teaching a workshop of all things!

In Knoxville, we have an awesome venue called The Central Collective. The owners - Dale and Shawn has the vision for a mixed-use creative space for entrepreneurship, events and engagement with Knoxville’s creative community.

One of these engaging events is called Good Sport Night. Once a month, a few dozen people buy tickets for an undisclosed experience. They walk in without so much as a clue to what they are getting into. From zombie fighting to swing dancing to a surprise wedding, Good Sport Night is for the curious and daring alike. Good Sport Nights also make for a perfect way to host my first ever workshop with a willing and excited crowd.

Hosted as a joint event with AIGA Knoxville, and with the encouragement of AIGA Knox's chapter president Jody Collins, February's Good Sport Night was a hand-lettering workshop by yours truly! I have organized workshops before but had never taught one myself so this was a challenge for me. 

From creating the booklet to teaching the lesson, a lot of steps were involved - more than I thought there would be! So I thought I'd share my what I learned for anyone out there looking to break out into the world of teaching workshops!

brush lettering workshop how to plan a workshop

New things can scary for everyone, but if you push through that fear of stepping out of your comfort zone, I think you'll find it's quite rewarding and fun! I enjoyed teaching this class so much that I may join with AIGA Knoxville and teach it regularly. The best way to get better at something is to practice and I think that goes for teaching too. 

central collective knoxville good sport night aiga knoxville brush lettering workshop

What is something new that you've always wanted to try? What is keeping you from trying it? Just some things to ponder for a while!