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The APD Design Process

Have you ever wondered what creating your website looks like at Amor Paloma Designs, LLC?

I designed this graphic to help educate my clients on a general overview of my process. Putting your business in someone else's hands can be incredibly scary. I let my clients be a part of every step along the way so that they can feel confident that their website truly reflects their brand and fills their needs.

Since adding this graphic to my pricing brochure, I have had much greater success in communicating to the client what they can expect from me and what I expect from them in return. Communication is KEY in all design work and using visual aids also enriches the client experience. It's a win-win!

amor paloma designs web design process knoxville web design

Even if you aren't a graphic designer or a web designer, outlining your process for clients can give you the upper hand in a saturated market (think wedding photographers, videographers, content curators, marketing consultant, the list goes on). So if you don't have a process guide or a pricing brochure, I strongly encourage you to make one! If design is not your strong suit, Send me a message! I would love to help you help your potential clients!