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Heels & Horseshoes - Web Design Chronicles

This month I was excited to launch the most colorful and fun-loving website I have ever designed!

Gemma of Heels & Horseshoes is a wedding photographer based in Suffolk and the surrounding areas. Yes I said Suffolk. Say hello to my first INTERNATIONAL client!

*cue the champagne and confetti*

We met in a Facebook group of all places! Gemma was looking for an affordable website redesign. She is incredibly talented and has an eye for design but wanted to turn the site design over to a professional so she could focus on doing what she really loves - photographing fun, countryside weddings for the DIY bride.

Gemma chose me out of the group because she felt our styled went together very well. A few days later, we were on a Skype call to discuss the website. Just a few short weeks later, Gemma was able to relaunch her site with the new design AND launch her brand new blog.

Working with Gemma was so easy because she really knows her clients which allowed me to create graphics and a branding style that would speak to her audience as well as reflect her personality. 

Her website is built on Squarespace with custom development.

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Above: Gemma's new blog sidebar with category links

Above: Gemma's new blog sidebar with category links

Heels & Horseshoes Homepage

Heels & Horseshoes Homepage

I also designed a lovely pricing booklet for Gemma and created the logos you see above. All-in-all, Gemma's new brand and website designs were colorful and whimsical which made them so much fun to create! Thanks again Gemma for working with me!