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Angier Townhomes - Web Design Chronicles


Whaaat? 3 posts in ONE month?!

That's crazy town. Or is it me finally getting used to sitting down for twenty minutes to write? We may never know! 

You might know this already about me, but I am a part of The Rising Tide Society. It's a group of creatives that began as a way for us to connect and learn from one another while making entrepreneurship a bit less lonely. It continues that mission and has grown into a global group - with chapters in many cities that meet monthly to discuss topics ranging from SEO to marketing to business strategies. 

When I joined this group over a year ago, I had a full time job with a steady paycheck. Now fast forward to the end of last Summer for what would be my last few months of this comfy corporate gig. I was engaging more and more with RTS members via Facebook and finally made it to one of our local Tuesday Together meetings.

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At the January Tuesdays Together meeting, a local photog named Jessica Lee (who does amazing work btw) made a comment that seemed so "duh!" but also had a huge impact on me. She was actually asking me a question that spurred from me admitting that I struggle with consistent blogging even though I know how important it is not just for SEO but for your brand as well. Her question was simple: Do you write posts about the work that you're doing or about design in general?

That was when I realized that I had never done a post about my process of designing sites. IT WAS SO SIMPLE! I guess most lightbulb moments seem simple once you have them... regardless, I was so pleased to have this duh moment because how easy is that? My posts had been totally about events and graphic design and fashion of all things. Totally not on topic in some cases and definitely not on brand. This kind of post not only shows future clients my style, but it can also help other designers and creatives by giving a glimpse of my process!

Angier Townhomes is a luxury townhome development in Atlanta, GA. I have had the pleasure of working on their branding and website for the past few months which has just been a blast. Being a part of the process on the ground level - quite literally - was eye opening because it allowed me to see into the initial vision of the project. This is important for designing because more often than not, what you see can and will affect how you design.

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Being inspired is one thing, but being influenced can actually take the focus away from the original goals and spirit of the project. From the beginning, I had just a description and a digital rendering of the development to go off of for the design. I pulled colors from the rendering to style the website and built the site to give the audience a feeling of the modern styles and luxury accents they would experience living in Angier Townhomes. 

When I design a brand, I try to find three words to outline the style. I call them core words or core truths. This helps me in the design process but also helps me if I am doing any copywriting for the client because you can pull synonyms from those core truths and write headlines, short descriptions, and paragraphs just from three words. I could probably write an entire blog post about core words, but I'll save that for another day!

Angier's core words are:
luxury + modern + community

The website's design is modern and clean and the imagery is used to convey luxury features. The community aspect is portrayed mostly through text and the map. 

In addition to the website, I created downloadable floorplan sheets and drew and designed the site plan which was a struggle since I have only made one other site plan but a very fun challenge! Also the client let me get my interior designer on and add furniture to the floorplans. 


Fun fact: I took classes at Pellissippi State for interior design before discovering my love of graphic design and web design.


What do you think of this site? Let me know in the comments!