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Photoshop sketchbook fun

Some days all I want to do is sketch and paint and create things. Other days I plan to do those things and get totally distracted by pinterest and etsy and fall into a rabbit hole of cool things and neat designs and spend hours in illustrator or photoshop.

Today was the latter. I usually don't share my sketchbook projects with you all on here, especially when they are silly or weird half-thought ideas. But recently I went to an AIGA Creative Caffeine that convinced me to do otherwise. 

AIGA, for those who don't know, is a professional association of designers. There are chapters in over 70 cities across the states that meet monthly or more often to pretty much chill with other designers and learn along the way. AIGA Knoxville's programming chair Hannah, of Hannah and Husband, spoke on sketchbook inspiration and let us peek into her personal sketchbooks at our bi-monthly creative caffeine event this past month held at Remedy Coffee.

Her bravery in showing us her sketchbook process (a pretty personal thing in my opinion) has given me the confidence to share with you all what I've been making and doing that isn't a finished product or styled perfectly. There's a lot of learning in the imperfection here!

So here's my most recent rabbit hole experiment. It combines color, patterns, and my photography. The photography is mine and the patterns/artwork are from Creative Market.

Let me know what you think!

Love, Dove