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Easy DIY Holiday Tablescape

Last month for Thanksgiving, Phillip and I tested our relationship with the biggest challenge yet - hosting Thanksgiving dinner for both of our families in our home. Okay so maybe I am being a bit dramatic, but I think it is a big accomplishment and milestone that we made it through all of the planning and hosting of such a big event with 30 people!

Phillip is a planner - big time. So he literally had all of the plates, utensils, non-perishable goods, and anything else he could think we might need by mid-September. Together we planned the meals leading up to Thanksgiving since his family would be staying with us and prepped for those too.

My tasks were to figure out the logistics of where everyone would be sitting, what decor I wanted to make, and have the pies and rental chairs ordered and decided upon. I thought I had everything all planned out until I kept getting magazine after magazine with these gorgeous tablescape setups.

A nice centerpiece would be the cherry on top of the day, but I did NOT want to spend hundreds of dollars on floral arrangements that would be used just for one day. I knew that tiny pumpkins would be incorporated somehow as well as twinkle lights, calligraphy place cards, and my grandmas candlesticks. What I didn't know until the weekend before was how I would tie it all together.

Phillip surprised me with a trip to our local nursery one Saturday afternoon and I found my answer! Fresh Fraser Fir garland. The best part about this solution, it was super cheap. See below for the cost breakdown. The settings were a total hit and my aunt said it looked like something out of a Southern Living magazine which honestly is the best compliment ever!

Total I spent $25 including taxes for everything. That's for 12 decorated feet of table space! This can easily be transitioned from a Thanksgiving look to a Christmas look by changing out the pumpkins for ball ornaments and candy canes. Or you can replace the pumpkins with dreidels and gelt coins and add a Menorah for a Hanukkah party!

It's the garland that does all the work in my opinion! It is going to be my new staple for holiday entertaining decor. Live garland, if obtained fresh from a nursery, can last you about a month too. I know this because I moved this same garland over my mantle and in my breakfast nook and they are still alive today (a bit dry, but still green)!

With Christmas just around the corner, you can probably get some great deals on closeout decor and garland that has been out for a while. Check your local nursery and see! And get inspired by a few more photos of these tablescapes and some delicious food for fun!


Love, Dove