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Urban Raised Garden Beds - Summer DIY Marathon

Anyone else feel Summer coming and get a bad case of the DIY fever?

I always build up a Pinterest list during the year of things to try and start them the minute school is out. Maybe this will change once I graduate and don't think of Summer as my only time to do non school related projects... or maybe I'll just have DIY fever year round! Either way, I have already completed a few projects so far this month and am excited to share them with you all!

The first Saturday of this month, when everyone else was getting hyped up for the Kentucky Derby and heading up to Louisville to watch the races, my sisters drove down from Kentucky to help me and my aunt make a Mother's Day present for my grandmother!

My grandmother has the greenest thumb I've ever seen. She can toss seeds in the wind and I swear they sprout before they hit the soil. A couple of years back, my uncle made her some raised garden beds which she loved but lately hasn't been able to bend over as much to tend to those plants. This gave me the idea to build her some counter height garden beds!

After sifting through many needlessly expensive project plans on Pinterest, I finally discovered some awesome plans by Melanie from The plans were only $10 but went in-depth with pictures and great descriptions.

We gathered the materials and it only took us about an hour and a half to build two raised beds. These plans are seriously super simple and the project is relatively cheap! My grandmother has already planted spinach and herbs to fill them up and is so happy with her present. She planted easier to manage plants in her old garden beds and now basically has a full grocery store in her back yard. 

Afterward we rewarded ourselves with a beer by the pool and some cookies before we watched the derby. I'd say that it was family time done right! 

If you liked these planters, hop on over to Melanie's site and get those plans while they're only $10! The usual price is $15. And if you liked this post, please share! I love to see Amor Paloma on Pinterest & other social networks. And then swing back here this Friday to see my latest DIY: an upholstered headboard I made with the help of my awesome grandma!

See ya soon,