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5 Minute Starbucks Planter DIY

Hello April and hello sunshine! The weather here has been amazing lately. The flowers are blooming, the grass is green, and I have Spring fever!

Yesterday I was picking up lunch and decided to stop by the farm fresh produce store because the weather was so nice. Outside they had herbs and flowers and all sorts of pretty potted plants. Recently, I've been on a mint & green tea kick so I thought about picking up a mint plant.  Problem is, Farm Fresh Produce had every kind of mint plant so it took me twenty minutes to pick one. I ended up leaving with a mint julep plant and a lavender plant.

I was just going to re-pot the plants together and put them on the patio. Then I had a great idea... I could use my recently emptied TAZO tea tin as a pot!

After poking a few holes in the bottom for drainage, I put the plants in together in the tin and voila! A super cute planter for your desk, patio, or windowsill. Mint tends to grow quickly and take over other plants, so I may get some more tea and re-pot it, but it's okay for now!

You could even take more time and decorate the tin with scrapbook paper, paint, or stickers for a more personalized look. I personally like the Starbucks tea label because it's for mint tea! Only TAZO's full leaf tea comes in tins, and you can purchase them at any Starbucks or in a some grocery stores (some stores just carry the boxed TAZO tea and not the tins). 

I was going to give this one to my grandma because she loves to garden and I think herbs make great gifts, but I fell in love with it! I'll just have to buy more delicious tea :) By the way, If you liked this post, you should check out my patio board on Pinterest! It's filled with patio & gardening ideas specifically for apartments with little or no yard area.

Hope you all have an awesome Easter weekend! My family is doing a big lunch - which for the first time I am preparing eek! - and an Easter egg hunt for the cousins. It will be a nice break to celebrate this season of hope with the family before I go all-in on showcase planning. Speaking of showcase, I will be adding a few new pieces to my graphic design portfolio page by the end of next week which I hope you all will check out!