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Freebie Friday (on Monday) + Showcase Update

When I see something I think is cool, my first instinct is to share it. I want the people to know how cool this thing is and I want them to share in my excitement. This instinct is somehow amplified when something that I think is cool is also free. 

My favorite place to find cool design freebies other than Behance is Creative Market. Creative Market is an awesome resource for designers to acquire fonts, graphics, photos, and even website themes. It is exactly what its name conveys - a market for the creatives. The prices on designs are incredibly reasonable. I especially love to browse their handwritten fonts!

Every week, Creative Market does about six free design goodies. These can range from fonts to photoshop brushes to cool patterns and backgrounds. Last week's free goods were hand drawn vector art, fonts, and an ink pattern. This week has a typeface, some vector graphics and brushes, and two website themes (one Wordpress and the other HTML)!

I can definitely see myself using the most of these. I have a website I will be working on next month for a friend and would love to try out the Liberty template. I'll keep you updated!

Speaking of updates...SHOWCASE IS IN 3 DAYS!!!!!

I have been all sorts of busy these past two weeks getting the last minute details ready for my booth. I was so busy that I wrote Friday's post last Thursday and remembered today that I never scheduled it to publish....So that should explain the title of this post.

But back to showcase! I have been updating my projects left and right while also creating a 23 page magazine portfolio of my work to give out at the event. My business cards came in last week and I have finished painting 30 of the 50 bags I plan to give away. Everything is coming together and I've found myself honestly way more calm this week than I have been all month. 

I love it when a plan comes together! :)

Well, I am off to finish some XML homework and iron on logos to all of my bags. I can't promise that I will post again before Sunday, but you can always find me on instagram and lately, twitter. I hope you all have a marvelous week and if you get bored, tune in to my snapchat story (littleangeldove) for the crazy, hectic, unfiltered week that I have ahead!

A revoir! Wish me luck!