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Favorite Photo Shoots from 2014: Corinne's Dance Photo Shoot

I mention in my last post that I did freelance photography for a few years. I have loved photography since I was a tiny little thing using my Polaroid i-Zone camera in elementary school. I took pictures of every family birthday party or softball game I could bring my camera to. I got my first job at O'Charley's as a hostess just so I could purchase my Nikon D40 for an introductory photography class in high school. 

Since I began doing freelance photography, I've shot engagements, newborns, proms, graduations, senior photos, landscapes, businesses, and hobbies/talents. 

My favorite subjects to photograph are people doing something they have a passion for. Corinne has a passion for dancing. Corinne and I went to high school together. My last name started with a  D and hers an E, so we were always near each other in our classes. After graduation, I went to UTK and she headed off to the University of Cincinnati to get her degree in dance. She recently headed off to Maryland and is now part of The Ballet Theater of Maryland. 

 In September of last year, Corinne came back to good ole' rocky top and let me do a quick photo shoot of her downtown. Our shoot was cut short by a freak rainstorm coming through with heavy winds, but we managed to get a good amount of photos in first and I just love them. Definitely my favorite shoot from 2014. So without further adieu, I present to you Corinne!

Let me know what you thought of our photo shoot in the comments!

Love, Dove